After another tough night for the Brewers’ offense, do they have enough firepower to move forward? – Athleticism

It’s nights like Saturday at American Family Field that popularize the question that lingers around the Brewers: As good as their throws and defense are, will their offense end up holding them back?

The Brewers lost Game 2 on Saturday, 3-0, because they were limited to six hits and three hard-hit balls and were struck out 14 times. They had chances, especially late, but failed to cash. Now, with the National League Divisional Series tied at one game apiece and heading for Atlanta, it’s worth considering if Game 2 exposed too big a wart or if the Brewers should still be feeling great. for their chances because, with their throw, they shouldn’t need a lot of attacking, anyway. However, they definitely need more than they’ve shown on the show so far.

After committing a chest-high fastball in the second inning, Avisaíl García yelled at himself as he stood in the batter’s box, then was struck out on the next pitch. Later in the inning, Lorenzo Cain slapped his hands and sighed after lining up at left field on another chest-high fastball. Those expressions against Braves starter Max Fried on Saturday were an improvement over Friday against Charlie Morton, when, for example, Kolten Wong dropped his bat on a follow-up and then slammed his helmet after taking out grips.

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