Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA.L) Recent 1.85% gain: what is the risk of investing?

On July 19, Alba Mineral Resources’ stock jumped 1.85%. The current value stands at 0.275 GBP. The previous close was set at 0.27 GBP and opened at 0.272 GBP. Since then the company has earned 0.005 GBP. The company’s shares are fairly stable with a beta score of 0.41, which makes it safer to invest in the company. The company has a BPA rate of 0, which means it is not yet profitable.

Alba Mineral Resources’ share price climbed 239% last year, which generated a huge profit for owners. In the last twelve months he has spent £ 590,000. As a result, it has a 2.6 year cash flow trail as of November 2020. While it doesn’t look set to expand, the fact that it has reduced its cash consumption by 25 % the previous year shows some caution.

The company’s cash consumption is relative to its stock market valuation and the company stands out by proving that it can exceed its expenses. Even though the reduction in silver consumption was not as great, it was still a victory.

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