Are you looking for a suitable loan despite debt?

In principle, multiple debts do not necessarily lead to problems with lending.

Our credit advisor with a focus on creditworthiness despite debt presents potential problems and solutions. First of all, it is crucial to recognize whether the personal credit line has been exhausted or whether only a certain credit model is reaching its limits.

Credit Despite Debt – Understand Credit Decisions Better

Credit Despite Debt - Understand Credit Decisions Better

Various factors add up to the eligibility of a loan. A loan in spite of debt is not an exceptional case, as long as the creditworthiness and debt sustainability allow further lending. The personal credit line is calculated from the monthly income and debits. Special regulations also influence the maximum total amount of eligible debts.

The disposition, for example, is regulated in-house. A market limit between one and two months’ salary would be customary in the market. There are special regulations for income earners with a high and extremely secure income, for example for civil servants. In this case, the market overdraft facility would be around three times the monthly income.

In addition, the disposition can only be extended for a limited time. In this case, the bank would extend the overdraft facility as an approved overdraft for three months, but would make higher interest claims. After the deadline, the system would check again and possibly extend it, or demand that the overdraft facility be adjusted. The exhausted overdraft facility does not automatically lead to a negative credit rating if it is rescheduled in due time.


Action is required before existing payment obligations are not met due to a lack of liquidity. If the overdraft facility is the only problem, with normal income and a clean credit bureau, every regular bank will finance the debt restructuring. Borrowers can then sleep peacefully again, as the balanced overdraft facility restores the usual liquidity.

The newly taken out loan is much cheaper than the overdraft facility and slowly pays off again in reasonable installments. The loan would be valued somewhat differently, despite debts for installment loans that are already running.

Existing installment loan almost paid off – new loan refused

Existing installment loan almost paid off - new loan refused

In the case of installment loans, the regulations often do not reflect the amount of the existing loan obligations. They are the answer to the question whether an installment loan has already been granted. It may be the case with the house bank that a new installment loan is rejected, even though the old loan has almost been paid off. Not all providers allow two identical credit agreements or an increase.


If the credit rating remains good, refusing the house bank is not a “broken leg”. If the loan application was not legally binding but was rejected in the preliminary meeting, it is sufficient to call up a credit comparison in most cases. Only three entries are enough for all relevant offers to appear on the screen, sorted according to interest rates.

The best credit rating can no longer be assumed for existing liabilities. Therefore, attention should be turned to interest rate offers that are independent of creditworthiness. The current installment loan is generally not a problem for the third-party provider. He sees in the credit bureau excerpt that a loan exists and is serviced in accordance with the contract.

For the third-party provider, the only question is whether the applicant can afford another loan despite existing installment obligations.

Budgetary accounts – sustainability of the loan commitment

Budgetary accounts - sustainability of the loan commitment

Creditworthiness for lending arises from the monthly net income above the seizure allowance and contractual payment behavior in the past. (Clean credit bureau without negative entries). Adhering to existing commitments does not mean being able to afford another loan at the same time. The household bill shows whether the loan can actually be borne despite the debt.

In order to calculate the rate sustainability, the requested credit institution records all real running costs. This includes existing credit installments, rental payments, but also long-term payment obligations, such as insurance or mobile phone contracts. General costs, such as for food and hygiene articles, are recorded as lump sums.

The bottom line is that the budget account has to show a surplus that is sufficient to reliably service future installments. If this is not the case, a responsible credit institution may not grant an additional loan.


If there is no sufficient budget surplus, it will be almost impossible to avoid the red pencil for regular expenditure. The deletions should focus on insurance contracts, memberships and savings contracts.

If real money were available to pay in installments but is not recognized as income, an alternative opens up. (Examples of unrecognized income: child benefit, child-raising allowance or self-employed income). In cases where solvency can be considered secure, a solvent guarantor for the loan could still be liable despite the debt. His assumption of liability secures the credit.

Loan despite debt in difficult cases – risk credit

Loan despite debt in difficult cases - risk credit

A risk loan could come from commercial credit providers or private lenders. Unfortunately, the majority of advertisers only traditional credit intermediaries with special loans with negative credit ratings. You do not grant the loan yourself, but only arrange the loan. In the past, the classic form of credit brokering was increasingly discredited.


We do not want you to fall for a dubious offer. We therefore recommend the loan via Astro Finance despite debt and limited creditworthiness. The portal offers access to reputable credit from private to private, while bank loans are arranged.

The market leaders Astro Finance and Cream bank were repeatedly examined by the media. The media and associations unanimously confirm the seriousness of both portals. In the case of credit despite debt and poor creditworthiness, they are no guarantee of lending. But, they offer the safest chance to get serious funding if regular banks refuse.