Black Adam Post Credits Scene Actor Signed Unique Deal For DCEU Movie

The surprising Black Adam post-credits scene actor reportedly only signed a one-time appearance contract for their cameo in the DCEU movie.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Black adamThe surprising returning DCEU star has reportedly only signed a one-time deal to reprise his role in the post-credits scene of the latest DCEU movies. The film saw Dwayne Johnson finally step into the role of DC Comics’ titular anti-hero after a long period of hellish development. black adam received mixed critical reception when it hit theaters on October 21, but had the strongest box office opening night since 2018 Aquaman.


After defeating Sabbac (Marwan Kenzari) and assuming his role as protector and ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam faces a new challenge in the post-credits scene of black adam. While the anti-hero had reached a deal with the other members of the Justice Society of America in the film’s conclusion, Adam was still seen as a threat by Amanda Waller of Viola Davis, then the leader of Task Force X. sent a holographic warning to Adam in an attempt to limit his movements in Kahndaq. While Adam was unfazed by Waller’s threats, she quickly revealed she had “called a favor,” as Henry Cavill’s Superman made his DCEU return and attempted to speak with Johnson’s powerful leader. . While Cavill’s return comes as a much-welcomed surprise to longtime DCEU fans following much uncertainty over his character’s future, a new report suggests the actor’s full return to the franchise is not in sight. not quite final yet.

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As reported by THR through their last Thermal vision newsletter, Cavill cameo in black adam wasn’t part of a larger deal that would secure his DCEU future. According to the newsletter, sources within the film industry suggest the actor only accepted one retaliation from his role in the post-credits scene, rather than a long-term deal to return to the franchise. . Despite this, the studio would be interested in seeing Cavill return in a greater capacity in future DCEU productions.

What does Cavill’s Superman return mean for the future of the DCEU?

Whereas black adam set up a showdown with Superman, Cavill’s return to the role not only shows the actor could potentially return to the franchise, but also offers clues to Warner Bros.’ plans. Discovery for the DCEU after a long period of uncertainty. While projects such as Peacemaker, Shazam! The fury of the godsand Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will continue the stories of established DCEU characters, recent changes and departures at Warner Bros. Discovery have led many to speculate whether the studio may be looking to reboot the franchise through the events of the flash. On top of that, the original cut releases of Justice League and Zack Snyder’s Justice League have created uncertainty as to what events might be considered canon for the rest of the DCEU. While questions surrounding the continuity of each Justice League rest of the film, the studio is said to be hoping to develop a new Cavill-led Superman movie and have reshooted the flash to introduce Ben Affleck’s Batman, showing that Warner Bros. Discovery is committed to at least maintaining and expanding the parts of the DCEU that have been well received by audiences.

While many movies that featured him received polarizing to negative receptions after his debut in Steel man, Cavill’s Superman was a widely hailed casting decision in the DCEU. As such, many dedicated DCEU fans were hoping the actor would get another chance to show off his portrayal of the character on screen. And while black adamSuperman’s cameo may have been a one-time deal, the renewed interest from Warner Bros. Discovery for the character is a good sign that Cavill’s hero could return in the near future.

Source: THR

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