Buccaneers ‘Tom Brady vs. Patriots: How Giants’ Logan Ryan Wants To Cash In Questionable Part of Future Hall of Fame Legacy

Tom Brady returns to New England this week for what will be his last game at Foxborough.

So with that in mind – and with the Buccaneers-Patriots looming on Sunday night – Giants safety Logan Ryan recalled on Friday that he had a questionable piece of the legacy of the future Hall of Famer quarterback. .

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Ryan wants to get money for it – and use it for a good cause.

Ryan and Brady played for the Patriots together from 2013-2016, winning two Super Bowls. Then Ryan signed with the Titans and spent three seasons in Tennessee. In the playoffs after the 2019 season, Ryan caught the last interception Brady threw as the Patriot. It was also the last pass Brady threw in that uniform.

The Titans beat the Patriots 20-13 at Foxborough that day, coming out of the wildcard round. It was Brady’s last game with the Patriots before signing with Tampa Bay.

The interception came with 15 seconds remaining, in the first game of a desperate practice the Patriots started on their 1-yard line. Ryan recovered the ball and returned it 9 yards for a touchdown, extending a 14-13 lead to 20-13.

Ryan still has the ball. But he wants to sell it – with a catch.

“The ball was hanging around my house, because I don’t do much with my stuff,” said Ryan, who played at Eastern Regional High in Voorhees and then Rutgers. “I am not selfish and [don’t] have portraits of me all over my house. So my kids kick the ball.

Then Ryan saw how some of Brady’s autographed cards “were worth like a million dollars.” And he changed his mind about letting his kids kick that ball.

“I was like, ‘Let’s at least put the ball on the shelf,'” he said with a laugh.

He had the chance to speak with Brady this offseason about plans for the ball.

“When the time comes, I probably should have had it ready for this game, but I want to auction the ball,” Ryan said.

He ideally wishes to share the profits between his charity, the Ryan Foundation for the Rescue of Animals, and Brady’s charity, the TB12 Foundation.

“Now I don’t know who’s going to want that ball,” Ryan said. “I don’t know if a Patriots fan wants their last ball pitched, an interception. I don’t know if a Titans fan is really going to pay. So I don’t know where it’s going to go.

And Brady buying him back?

“Yeah, Tom might want to get it back,” Ryan said with a laugh. “Tom could pay to get rid of it, to burn it.”

Ryan knows he will always have an unusual place in Brady’s legacy.

“Maybe it’s a ‘Jeopardy!’ question when Aaron Rodgers hosts him, ”Ryan said. “But yeah, I picked up the ball from the ground and I’m going to try and do something to raise money for charity with it.”

As for a Bucs-Patriots prediction, Ryan said he was going with the Bucs and his old pal Brady.

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