Business News | Rocketize Token: The Next Meme Coin With 100x Earning Potential, Preparing To Rival Chainlink And Tezos

New Delhi [India]Oct 22 (ANI/ATK): Cryptocurrency news always provides new information on meme coins and top crypto assets.

Many people buy meme tokens inspired by famous jokes or memes. These jokes and memes regularly circulate on social networking sites. Dogecoin was the first of its kind.

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Its popularity encouraged developers to release more such tokens, and Shiba Inu became a DOGE Killer. These tokens have gained immense popularity around the world, but they are notoriously volatile.

People used to get good feedback in the past, but now they are looking for more reliable alternatives. The Rocketize Token (JATO) is becoming a more trusted community token. It can become a very successful asset with Chainlink (LINK) and Tezos (XTZ).

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Rocketize: Launching an Ultimate Meme Token That Can Generate Immense Wealth for the Community

Rocketize is a project based on Binance Smart Chain and powered by the JATO token to revolutionize the meme coin space. Token holders will earn half of the transaction fee and the rest will be burned. Yes, it is deflationary and its value will increase as the number of tokens decreases.

Being an open-source community project, Rocketize is developed by volunteers. They collaborate to create a platform that transfers profits to the community. The Atomic Nation will manage this platform. There is no developer portfolio, so the community will govern this platform.

Rocketize Token aims to become a household name

Rocketize Token relies primarily on its community to achieve milestones. It will promote the benefits of Binance Smart Chain to attract more people to this network. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is new and the JATO token can develop it into a huge ecosystem. This can benefit the BSC network and the DeFi ecosystem by attracting more investors.

The Atomic Nation community will propel this platform forward using the features of this platform for value transfer. The community will thrive as more talented users join this platform. They will govern this platform by proposing and carrying out beneficial changes.

Special NFT Strike Events are coming

Non-fungible tokens can become expensive digital assets. The Rocketize platform will host events to produce new NFTs. The native community will form ROCKMint, using Web 3.0 dApps to produce and collect NFTs.

It will allow users to turn unique memes into NFTs and trade them on the BSC network. Community members will make a profit by trading their NFTs. Other users will earn a portion of the transaction fees charged on NFT transactions. Thus, all holders of JATO tokens will make a profit.

How to buy the JATO Token?

You can buy the JATO Token in presale. Follow the steps outlined below to purchase this token.

Visit the official Rocketize Token website and click on the “Enter Presale” option.

Enter all the required details and select the cryptocurrency you want to trade to buy JATO tokens.

Create your Rocketize Token account and select the number of coins you want.

Complete the purchase and you will get JATO tokens when the presale ends.

JATO token sells out fast in the pre-sale phase of Stage 3. You can get 8% pre-sale bonus by trading Ethereum tokens, 12% bonus by trading BNB tokens, and 12% bonus by trading BNB tokens. trading USDT TRC-20 tokens. You still have a chance to win a 4% Tier 3 Presale Bonus if you purchase within 15 minutes of signing up.

Chainlink: Facilitating a secure connection between off-chain APIs and decentralized data networks

Bringing external data to applications and platforms based on blockchain technology is difficult, but Chainlink has created decentralized oracle networks to enable secure input, output and calculations. This network connects two separate networks and facilitates the flow of information between the two networks. Users can use this platform to link APIs to blockchains. Chainlink has served many users and proven its reliable, secure and flexible services.

The LINK token is a native cryptocurrency used to pay transaction fees, access advanced tools, governance, and staking. Chainlink dominates in terms of value held by blockchain oracles. It owns 45% of it alone, while other blockchain oracles are losing value. All blockchain oracles hold $25.612 billion, and Chainlink alone accounts for 45% of the total value.

Tezos: A security-focused blockchain network designed to scale with the times

Tezos is building the future of the internet by providing a decentralized network for direct and frictionless interface. It offers seamless interaction and exchange of value without involving any intermediaries. The Tezos platform paddles a truly user-driven network designed to serve all users.

The XTZ token is the native utility token of Tezos. It has become one of the most valuable crypto assets, and users need it for transaction fees, governance, and staking. The XTZ token has moved towards positive momentum. As the bulls take over the market, the value of the token increases. It can maintain positive growth and benefit many investors.

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