Cam Jurgens gave a glimpse of a future without Kelce

Cameron Jurgens hasn’t had what could be called a good week.

He was without Jason Kelce to teach him the ropes at center, as the veteran snapper was away for surgery, probably didn’t like the heat, and… oh yeah, he was the target of a million jokes because he was on the wrong side of a viral video with a particularly hoppy bunny rush from Jordan Davis. Now granted, Heavy D is one of the most athletic defensive tackles in NFL history, and will certainly make more than a few players look ridiculous in the future, but in this case his fellow 2022 draftee was the one who had looks silly, and one has to assume that everyone in Jurgens’ life, from his college roommates to his grandmother, passed on the video in some form or another.

Unfortunate? For Jurgens, you bet, but hey, in 2022 things go viral at a pretty fast rate and fade into obscurity just as quickly; all it takes is someone else doing something wrong or Jurgens doing something right, and you’ll be fine in no time.

Well, in a very welcome twist of fate, Cam Jurgens picked the latter, and his play on his preseason debut should leave Philadelphia Eagles fans very confident about the future.

Cameron Jurgens played as a starter in the Philadelphia Eagles’ preseason debut.

Cameron Jurgens looked like a starter in the Philadelphia Eagles’ preseason fight against the New York Jets.

Now granted, that wasn’t too hard to do, as Jurgen technically won the start between Sua Otepa and Isaac Seumalo in the game due to Jason Kelce’s absence, but there’s a big difference between winning the start. and look like a potential every-down starter, as any unnamed fullback Kyle Juszczyk will tell you.

Jurgens, to his credit, fell firmly into the ‘looks like a starter’ category as he delivered the ball to the right place at the right time, transitioned well into position and looked good against the run and pass . While he wasn’t exactly going against Vita Vea in a playoff game up front — or, you know, Jordan Davis in practice — Jurgens was able to keep his nemesis in front of him going pro, and even whipped out some incredibly athletic. maneuvers as a pulling lead blocker that would make Kelce and Juszczyk proud.

Sidebar: I know there’s been a lot of talk about Jordan Davis as a goal-line fullback, but has Nick Sirianni ever thought about trying Jurgens as a fullback when Kelce returns? If so, it should.

Playing just one series with Jalen Hurts under center, Jurgens looked like a natural with the first team, and even when Gardner Minshew entered the contest, and more reserves entered the lineup, the pride of Nebraska’s game only looked more impressive compared to their peers.

If Jurgens was looking to make a statement, he’s done a hell of a job establishing a new first impression.

Eventually, Jason Kelce will return and Cam Jurgens will sit on the bench until Nick Sirianni inquires and steals my back idea. People will be amazed by Kelce’s masterful play, he will go down as one of the best centers in the NFL and hopefully lead the best running team in the NFL to the playoffs once again. But eventually, the day will come when Kelce chooses to do other things — from running a beach bar to sports radio — and fans will have to turn their attention to who’s next in the Philadelphia Eagles talent pool. Luckily, Jurgens really looks like the second coming of Travis’ brother and should be able to seamlessly reprise his role as Scott Lang in Ant-Man.