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Posted: October 5, 2021

Check your choices: college credit in high school

Learn more about College & Career High School and other dual credit schools at the Virtual APS Choice Fair on October 19.

Janelle Martinez, second year CCHS student

Finding their passion and pursuing their dreams, College & Career High School students have a leg up on future success.

“I like that they give the opportunity to move forward and start achieving your goals, because for a lot of students it is really hard to be able to go to college or to afford it.” says Janelle Martinez, a sophomore eager to graduate. high school with two years of college already completed.

The College & Career High School (CCHS) dual credit program located on the main campus of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) allows students to graduate from high school with a diploma or associate’s certificate in a lucrative job at little or no cost. The CNM pays the tuition and registration fees for high school students, and the APS provides textbooks for high school and CNM courses.

College & Career High School will be among the magnetic and charter schools featured in the virtual conference APS School Choice Fair October 19. Find out more and register to participate

“Last year our first student went to MIT, and we sent five or six students to UT: Austin Honors program, and a ton of students to UNM and the Honors Program there,” John says. Gerhart, World and US Professor of History at CCHS.

“It’s not just about students who are sure they want to go to college,” adds Gerhart. “CNM has a lot of trades certificates, and we’ve had a lot of students who come out of here with diesel certificates and go straight to work with Caterpillar, or automotive certificates and go to work for dealerships. It’s for students who know what they want to do, whether it’s studying or finishing high school with a certificate and apprenticeship already completed.

“I think that’s the goal of this school,” says Leigh Cavazos Galvez, director of CCHS. “It’s about finding your niche, finding something that you are passionate about, finding a career that you can imagine yourself investing in and taking that path.”

“It provides a different environment and an opportunity to really see what the value of education is,” continues Principal Cavazos Galvez, “because the people our students sit with in classrooms are here with a purpose; they pay for these courses and these credits, they want to be here. This gives them insight into the importance of education and what it takes to be successful in a classroom. “

“It also helped me grow as a person,” says Martinez.

“I love this program,” says director Cavazos Galvez proudly. “We have an extremely diverse population who I think don’t fit into a traditional school, and they find their home here. I think our population is showing this incredible index of kids who are here, from second language learners to LGBTQ, to motivated and motivated pre-med students who want to be doctors and complete their education as fast as they can. And somehow put them all together and it just works.

The thought of attending college classes while in high school may seem daunting to prospective students, but Martinez offers some wise advice from his CCHS experience: “It’s not as scary as it sounds. A lot of students feel like the pace is really fast, but this school offers a lot of support. Love to be in this type of environment because not many people have this opportunity.

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