Dragonfly GP talks about the current and future state of Web3 during TC:Crypto sessions

While the entire crypto market has been in a tough spot lately, web3 venture capitalists have never had more conviction – or more funding at their disposal – to support startups and teams. that are built in space. The big question on their minds is whether tokens and startup valuations have bottomed out or whether they should wait a bit longer to get the best possible deal.

When to place your bets is a delicate balance in any tech sector, let alone one as rambunctious as crypto. That’s one of the reasons we’re thrilled to have Dragonfly General Partner Tom Schmidt joining us on stage at TC Sessions: Crypto November 17 in Miami.

We can’t wait to hear his perspective on the current state of crypto and what it’s like to be an investor in a crypto-native venture capital firm as venture capital firms more traditional settle in space. We’ll ask which web3 sub-sectors – from DeFi to NFTs to Ethereum Layer 2s – are currently attracting interest in Dragonfly, and we’ll discuss how regulation could affect the industry in different parts of the world. .

We’re curious to hear Schmidt’s outlook on the future of crypto and VC startups for the coming year. Is Dragonfly as bullish on the crypto market as it was last April when the VC firm closed its third $650M (oversubscribed) VC fund? Inquiring minds want to know.

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