DSE Plc share price gain lifts local stock index at week-end

The market report shows DSE Plc’s share price gained 9% to 2,180/- on Friday’s close from Thursday’s close of 2,000, pushing its market capitalization to 51.94 billion/- vs. 47.65 billion/- respectively.

However, the Global Equity Index (DSEI) ended the week on a weak note after depreciating 7.20 points to 1,894 points from 1,902.09 points respectively.

The slowdown in DSEI was due to falling share prices among listed companies, including East African Breweries Limited (EABL), the third-largest listed and Jubilee Holdings Limited (JHL).

The market report shows that EABL’s share price fell 2.70%, closing at 2,880/- on Friday from 2,960/- respectively, slowing its market capitalization to 2,277.43 billion/- from 2,340 .69 billion/- respectively.

Jubilee Holdings Limited (JHL) share price fell 0.80% to 4,960/- from 5,000/- respectively, dropping its market capitalization to 359.47 billion/- from 362.36 billion/- respectively.

The decline in the market capitalization of two publicly traded companies also reduced the total market capitalization of the DSE to 15,792.14 billion/- on Friday from 15,852.13 billion/- recorded on Thursday.

During the closing day of the week, the DSE report shows a total turnover of 1.9 billion/- recorded from the transaction of 902,774 shares traded in 51 transactions.

Swissport traded the highest value of 990 million/- after trading 550,040 shares traded in seven transactions at a price of 1,880/- per share.

The second largest move was the NMB counter, which traded shares worth 927.45 million/- after trading 331,081 shares traded in 12 trades at a price of 2,940/-.

The third largest move was Tanga Cement Company Limited (TCCL) after trading 5,100 shares valued at 8.25 million/- in two trades at a price ranging from 1,520/- and 1,620/- per share.

NICO, which traded shares valued at 3.02 million/-, DSE Plc (2.62 million/-), CRDB Bank Plc (2.659 million/-) and Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited (1.67 million/-) .