eBay Credit Card Review 2022: Should You Get One?

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Quick take: The eBay Mastercard awards cardholders up to 5x more rewards points per dollar spent. However, the points redemption value of this card is relatively low and cardholders can only redeem points for eBay purchases. While this no-fee annual card may be worth considering for avid eBay buyers, even frequent eBay buyers should carefully consider the card’s limited rewards program before applying.
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  • No annual fee
  • Free Mastercard Identity Theft Protection

The inconvenients

  • Only one way to redeem points
  • Redemption value of low point

Introducing the eBay Mastercard

The eBay Credit Card is a co-branded Mastercard issued by Synchrony Bank. It allows buyers to earn up to 5x rewards points per dollar spent on eBay and 2x or 1 point per dollar on all other purchases, subject to the terms of the account agreement. The rewards program detailed in the account agreement is minimal compared to other rewards cards.

However, the eBay Mastercard does not have an annual fee, and cardholders enjoy all of the main benefits of the Mastercard, including Mastercard identity theft protection, making it a safe card for online purchases. line.

Key Features of eBay Credit Card

GOBankingRates gave eBay Mastercard four out of five stars based on the following characteristics.


The eBay Mastercard has no annual fee. Other charges a cardholder may encounter with this card include:

  • 3% foreign transaction fee
  • Cash advance fee of $10 or 5% of amounts advanced, whichever is greater
  • Up to $41 late fee
  • $30 returned payment fee


This card has a variable annual effective annual rate of 22.24%, 26.24% or 29.24%, depending on the creditworthiness of the holder. The card’s minimum APR is higher than some other rewards cards and could make this card more expensive for those with a balance.


EBay Mastercard cardholders can enjoy key Mastercard benefits for free, including Mastercard Identity Theft Protection. This protection includes credit card replacement, identity theft alerts, lost wallet assistance, and access to identity theft resolution specialists who can help cardholders. when the identity has been compromised.

Cardholders also get zero liability protection for fraudulent card charges.


The eBay Mastercard allows frequent eBay buyers to quickly accumulate rewards points, but redemption of points is limited to eBay purchases.

Cardholders earn the following reward points:

  • 3x points per dollar spent on qualifying eBay purchases up to $1,000 in eBay purchases during the calendar year
  • 5x points per dollar spent on qualifying purchases over the initial $1,000 of eBay purchases during the calendar year
  • 2x points per dollar spent on qualifying gas, grocery and restaurant purchases
  • 1x point per dollar on all other purchases

A cardholder’s 1,500 points are worth $10 for an eBay purchase, or just over half a cent per point. Cardholders who earn 3x the points per dollar must spend $500 on qualifying eBay purchases to earn a $10 reward. However, those who earn 5x points will earn $10 for every $300 spent on eBay.

Points expire after 24 months and can be revoked in the event of late payment.

How the eBay Mastercard Stands Out

Perhaps the only standout feature of this card is the 5x points it awards for purchases over $1,000 in eBay purchases for the calendar year. It’s a solid reward for those who spend a lot of money on eBay and will reach that threshold quickly, but less useful for those who don’t spend that much on eBay at the start of the year.

Comparable eBay Mastercard options

The following two cards might be better options for eBay buyers looking for a rewards card.

PayPal Cashback Mastercard

The PayPal Cashback Card is another co-branded Mastercard that gives cardholders 3% cash back on purchases made through PayPal with the PayPal Mastercard, including eBay purchases, and 2% on all other qualifying purchases. Cash back can be redeemed as a credit to the cardholder’s PayPal account to be used for PayPal purchases.

The PayPal Card has no annual fee, a variable APR of 17.24%, 26.24%, or 29.24%, and greater rewards flexibility for occasional eBay buyers than the eBay Mastercard.

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards

The Capital One Quicksilver Card pays 1.5% cash back on every purchase. Rewards can be redeemed in a number of ways, including as statement credit, as a check, to cover recent purchases with the Quicksilver Card, to purchase gift cards and more. No annual fee and a APR, this card is ideal for shoppers who buy from a wide variety of online retailers.

How to register

Those interested in the eBay Mastercard can access the application online through the eBay website. Once on the eBay site, search for “eBay Mastercard” to find the help page associated with the card with a link to the app. Applicants must have an eBay account to apply.

Who is the eBay Mastercard for?

Since the rewards points from this card can only be used for eBay purchases, it is best for those who spend well over the $1,000 threshold on eBay each year to earn the 5x points on purchases.

Final take

Those who don’t shop on eBay regularly won’t benefit much from this card. Regular eBay buyers should check out several other rewards cards before applying for the eBay Mastercard. Other cards may offer much more flexibility in point redemption and offer more value per point.

Those with good to excellent credit will likely get a much better APR from another rewards card issuer than they will get from the eBay credit card.


Here are some quick answers to common eBay Mastercard questions.
  • What credit score do you need to get an eBay credit card?
    • Synchrony Bank does not provide a minimum credit score requirement in its terms and conditions for the eBay Mastercard. However, it does offer three varying APR levels, which can correlate with who has fair, good, and excellent credit.
  • Does eBay have its own credit card?
    • Yes, the eBay card is a co-branded Mastercard issued by Synchrony Bank.
  • What can you use an eBay credit card for?
    • Cardholders can use the eBay Credit Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  • Which bank holds the eBay credit card?
    • The eBay Mastercard is issued by Synchrony Bank.

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