FIBA partners with Alternative Business Funding to create sourcing solution

The Financial Intermediary and Broker Association (FIBA) has partnered with Alternative Business Funding (ABF) to create ‘FIBA Funder Finder’, a white label lender search solution for trade finance, available exclusively to members of FIBA.

The joint initiative enables FIBA ​​members to digitally access lenders and products that can go outside of their usual pathways of transition, development and commercial real estate finance over time, both for purchase and refinancing.

The partnership aims to help FIBA ​​members find the right funder for financing businesses that meet the needs of their clients, not only providing them with an additional service, but adding to their own proposal as as a financial intermediary.

Adam Tyler (pictured), Executive Chairman of FIBA, said: “It is now impossible to ignore how technology is revolutionizing the trade finance lending industry and many advisers might wonder how the technology revolution can possibly help their businesses. I believe that ABF’s platform aligns with the goals of FIBA, and those of SimplyBiz as a whole, to introduce efficiencies into the counseling process that improve outcomes for both the intermediary and its clients.

Adam Tavener, President of ABF and Funder Finder, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with FIBA. Its adoption of the Funder Finder tool is a major vote of confidence in this technology, whose mission is to provide fast, fair and transparent access to financing to all companies, regardless of their size. Businesses that are properly equipped with technology will continue to reap significant benefits that flow from an improved customer experience and therefore loyalty. The direction of travel is unmistakable and progress around this type of automated customer journey will continue to accelerate.

“Foresighted companies already know this and make sure they stay one step ahead, as is the case here with the Funder Finder tool which offers a whole new kind of technology to FIBA ​​members and customers. “

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