How to Buy Bitcoin Safely and Risk Free in 2021

Bitcoin was developed in 2009 as a decentralized peer-to-peer currency. It is kept in blockchain technology, which is actually a chain of decentralized data blocks. Although there are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin was the first and still is the most popular. You need to assess the risks if you want to buy Bitcoin responsibly.

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset. Bitcoin rose nearly 200% in 2021 alone, but also experienced several crashes. Even if you are using a reputable market or brokerage to secure your investment, you will still want to think about how to buy and hold your Bitcoin safely. Read on to find out how to reduce these dangers and buy Bitcoin safely on the market. best bitcoin app.


Knowing what you are buying into and having a strategy are the best ways to combat this high risk investment.

Buying cryptocurrency is analogous to buying stocks, although the technology is still in development. One of the reasons it’s so volatile is because of this. You can choose from over 4000 different currencies and that makes the job more difficult!

Unfortunately, there is no cryptocurrency equivalent of an index or mutual fund to help you. You will need to research specific parts and choose the ones that you think will be of benefit in the long run.

You will not have the same guarantees either. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protects your assets if you invest in stocks and the brokerage firm collapses.

If you keep your money in a bank, it will be guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). While you’re not quite in the Wild West, Bitcoin lacks many of the guarantees we take for granted.

Choose a broker wisely

A marketplace, a broker, a Bitcoin ATM, or a peer-to-peer network are all options for buying Bitcoin. Check out our list of the best Bitcoin exchanges to find the best deal for you.

Many bitcoin exchanges provide resources for newbie investors. In addition, all reputable companies have made significant investments in cybersecurity and anti-piracy procedures.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a stock exchange or brokerage:

  • Is it safe to use? Could it have been hacked? What percentage of the company’s assets are stored in the cloud?
  • Does the insurance cover it? Some exchanges have bought their own protection against fraud and theft.
  • How much are the fees? How much money are you going to invest or withdraw?
  • Is it possible to register from my country of origin? Some exchanges do not work in all states of the United States. New York, in particular, has stricter crypto regulations.

Warm wallet or cold wallet

When you first buy Bitcoin, you might think that you don’t need your crypto wallet and choose to keep your funds on the exchange. On the other hand, a wallet is a brilliant idea because an exchange is more exposed to cybercriminals and you don’t have control over the keys.

You cannot manage Bitcoin in your palm like you can use US money in your bank account. Instead, you own secret keys, and many people argue that if you don’t own the keys, you don’t actually own your coins.

Portfolios have a role to play in this regard. Hot wallets are internet-connected wallets that are usually free. They are handy for storing assets that you might want to trade in or spend in the future.

A physical device that is not connected to the Internet is known as a cold wallet. This is a more secure method of storing cryptocurrencies and a better solution for large sums of money. Even if the device is stolen, only you have access to the codes. A cold wallet will cost you between $ 50 and $ 150.

Trust funds

If you’ve never bought Bitcoin before, you’ll need to fund your account with fiat currency, such as the US dollar. Bank transfer, debit card or credit card are the most common payment methods.

You may be asked to provide your name, address, and identification. You may be asked to provide proof of address in certain circumstances. It’s also a good idea to check with your bank to determine if the transaction is possible. Before it can transfer money, it will display several fraud and security warnings.

Although a credit card can be used to deposit funds, it is not recommended. You will almost always pay a higher cost than if you used a wire transfer or debit card. Your credit card issuer may classify it as a high cost cash advance and start earning interest immediately.

Buy your Bitcoin

After all your preparation, this is probably the easiest phase. Choose how much Bitcoin you want to acquire by logging into your market or brokerage account. That’s all there is to it. You have now become the legal owner of your own Bitcoin.

Finally, it is natural to be seduced by the high-profile gains made with Bitcoin. And you might be worried that if you don’t participate now, you might lose. Even so, investing money that you cannot afford is not a good idea. Do not risk invest in bitcoin if you are reducing costs for a future goal, such as a home or retirement. Before you start, make sure you have good emergency cash.

It is important to remember that you will have to pay federal taxes on your Bitcoin. Remember to keep track of how you conduct your business so you can properly report it when tax season arrives. There is significant risk involved in buying Bitcoin. You are more likely to protect your investment if you follow these steps.


For many people, investing in bitcoin has been a nerve-racking experience. There have been cases of people taking out loans to start investing. We believe this is an extremely risky investment. We have tried to give you a structure in this article to think about how to minimize your losses while still being able to reap the possible benefits of bitcoin.

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