Mineral Point, 11, competing in the US Mullet Championships

MINERAL POINT, Wisconsin (WMTV) – An 11-year-old Mineral Point boy has a haircut so good it could make him some real cash.

Easton Brunett is currently participating in the United States Mullet Championships. It’s a virtual competition for a cash prize and it has already reached the top 100 in the country.

“I like long hair and it feels good,” Easton said.

The competition is simple, whoever gets the most likes on their photo on Facebook goes to the next round. Voting for this round ends at the end of the day on Wednesday, September 22.

The top 25 will advance for a chance to win a $ 2,500 cash prize. If Easton wins, he already knows what he will do with the money.

“I’ll probably buy a mountain bike with it,” Easton said.

It took him almost a year to grow this succulent lettuce. He was inspired at his father’s birthday party.

“At my dad’s birthday party, we had a sign in the garage that said business in the front, party in the back, because the party was actually in our backyard,” Easton said.

The hairstyle has earned him the nickname “Mullet Man” among his friends and his parents say he’s now easy to spot on the football field, with his hair streaming down from the bottom of his helmet.

Win or lose, Easton says he hopes to keep the mule and compete again next year, saying he’s “just having fun competing.”

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