More than a dozen catalytic converters stolen overnight from U-Haul business

MANCHESTER, Conn. (WFSB) – Police say 16 catalytic converters were stolen overnight from vehicles belonging to a U-Haul business located at 432 Oakland Street.

On arrival this morning, employees discovered damage to several vehicles and notified Manchester Police Department.

“It’s ridiculous that people have to be in a car park and get out and their car won’t start,” said Manchester’s Annie Correa. “We shouldn’t have to worry about that happening.”

The damaged vehicles included 6 vans, 4 pickups and 6 box trucks, police said.

“Oh my god, how do you stop it?” You have cops everywhere, but these guys don’t care anymore,” said Russell Balesano of East Hartford. “It got to the point that I even installed a ring camera at home.”

Police said they collected evidence at the scene and are working with the company to get more information.

Based on surveillance footage, three suspects are believed to have been involved in the robbery.

Police are warning not to confront the thieves and to call 911 immediately.

“They took one on my street where it was 6 a.m. A young man next door says, ‘what are you doing?’ And they basically said go home before you hurt yourself,” Russell said.

If you have any information about this theft, please contact agent Thomas Van Langan at (860) 645-5500.