New program helping black and Latino entrepreneurs access business credit

At national scale ( – BIPOC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. LatinX is an umbrella term for people of Latin American origin or ancestry. In the United States, entrepreneurs from BIPOC and LatinX are struggling to finance their businesses. These racial minority groups find it disheartening to apply for business loans and are less likely to submit loan applications. Lack of funding affects their ability to stay in business.

However, the founders of work with entrepreneurs from marginalized communities to help them access business credit.

BIPOC and LatinX business owners may struggle despite a wave of opportunities. Without trade credit, they may experience cash flow shortages, be unable to submit supplier bids, attend conferences and trade shows, cover membership dues, or find themselves facing financial constraints, failing to maintain their flow. cash flow and meet demand. BIPOC and LatinX are less likely to have collateral or access to home equity, and more likely to start businesses with less start-up capital. Business loans are more expensive and highly unlikely if these homeowners have less than perfect credit. Without access to company capital, it is difficult for anyone to meet their obligations and stay in business.

Additionally, due to systemic racism, business owners in BIPOC and LatinX have come to anticipate rejection of traditional lenders. provides BIPOC and LatinX companies with solutions that bypass the obstacles these entrepreneurs face when seeking credit and loans. “There are opportunities to fund your business that aren’t tied to your Social Security number and don’t require a co-signer,” says Nicole Wilson, owner of the business. “A tax identification number is just the start. Businesses need more than just a tax ID number. Our company is here to help you get everything you need to get funded.

BIPOC and LatinX business owners tend to start businesses as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC, a limited liability company. The structure of the business is more complex and can seem daunting. However, the business structure is crucial in opening up business financing options and legal protection for owners. can support entrepreneurs throughout the filing process, founding their company and help them fill out the necessary applications to acquire business credit. After establishing the business credit, the site can advise you on how to establish the business credit score, generated by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).

The founders of the website have decades of insight into the practice of building companies and lending to businesses. BIPOC and LatinX can access substantial lines of credit, build a strong trade credit history through their IRS assigned EIN, establish AAA business credit, and raise legitimate funds without being a personal guarantor through the number. social security of the owner.

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