No FEMA Aid for Cedar City Flood, But Mayor Explores Other Funding Options

Storms bring rain to Cedar City on July 26. Mayor Maile Wilson-Edwards announced this week that the city does not qualify for federal assistance to deal with flooding caused by monsoons this summer, but the city is exploring other funding options. (Jesse Harris)

CEDAR CITY – Cedar City was not eligible for federal emergency funds to repair damage from flooding earlier this summer, city officials said Thursday.

After monsoon rains caused flooding in parts of the city in July and August, city employees visited properties affected by the floods so they could gather information to request funds from the Agency. Federal Emergency Management, Mayor Maile Wilson-Edwards said in a Facebook post.

However, during the lengthy application process, city officials discovered that Cedar City was not eligible for agency aid because “the public infrastructure was not damaged enough,” the mayor said. .

“I appreciate our community and the continued patience that has been demonstrated over the past few months and weeks,” Wilson-Edwards said. “We will continue to research all available options and provide updates as I receive them.”

The Federal Small Business Administration may be able to provide financial assistance for the flooding, Wilson-Edwards added. Utah state emergency management staff are currently assessing the damage in the city to determine if residents and small businesses could benefit from low-interest loans through the agency. , said the mayor.

The city also applied for a matching grant that would pay for 75% of repairs to flood control measures along Coal Creek, Wilson-Edwards said.

“Cedar City will continue to look for these types of opportunities to help with the financial recovery after the monsoons,” she said.

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