Odessa College student makes his mark in Midland with bakery company K-Ross Delights

Katherine Ross, a cooking student at Odessa College, capitalized on her love for baking and secured funding for her education by starting K-Ross Delights, a baked goods company.

She cooks and operates out of Half Acre, a Midland restaurant owned by Midland Meat Co., which featured some of her products in their store.

She mainly sells candied pecans as well as cupcakes, cake pops and occasionally birthday cakes.

She remarked that she wanted to be a baker since she was young, but the COVID-19 lockdowns led her to put her passion into action. The pandemic was a time of struggle and hardship for everyone, but Katherine was able to start experimenting with recipes and various foods.

“During quarantine, of course, everything was closed, so I had a lot more time to explore the different things I could do – that’s when I created the pecans for the first time,” she said.

As K-Ross Delights continues to grow, Ross hopes to take more custom orders for customers.

“Right now I’m in school, so it’s a little harder to do some of the custom stuff,” she said.

As a cooking student, K-Ross Delights helped her owner provide her own education.

“It definitely helps me a lot. It allows me to use the money from that to help pay for my culinary school and even if I don’t earn enough on some things, it helps ease the burden by just taking it off of my paychecks,” she said.

Ross moved from Louisiana to the Permian Basin in 2013 and observed a strong culinary culture in West Texas.

“I love being in West Texas. I see a lot of creativity in the food here than some of the other places I’ve lived,” she said. “I love the uniqueness of food here.”

Ross primarily sells candied pecans, including sugar and cinnamon flavors and a new spicy flavor. She plans to expand the flavors in the future.

“When I’m available to do the farmers market, I like to make little cupcakes or cake pops, just sort of things that are smaller,” she said of her products.

Ross is expected to graduate from culinary school next spring. She admits it may take a while, but her ultimate goal is to own her own established bakery and continue to give her goodies to make people happy.

“It’s what I think food should be, it should make you happy,” she said.