Reclassification of the last 2 drafts? Future OT option?

It’s often said that it takes years to really grade a draft class, but is it safe to say that looking back the Cowboys ended up with the top two defensive players of the 2020 and 2021 draft with Trevon Diggs? and Micah Parsons? JOHN WALKER / LAGO VISTA, Texas

Rob: Parsons has undoubtedly been the best rookie defenseman in the class this year, and Diggs is certainly enjoying the best season of any defensive pick of 2020. I still think you have to put Chase Young (Washington) in the “best” as well. conversation. , even though he’s had a tough year with injuries. I agree with the general idea that it takes at least three years to grade a class well. It will be fun to watch both players continue to grow in the division.

David: I think you have to be careful about proclaiming things like this too early. These two guys have had incredible starts, and the Cowboys deserve a ton of credit for drafting them. But Chase Young, AJ Terrell, Patrick Surtain II and Jaelan Phillips look like fantastic young players as well. It’s not a hit on Micah or Trevon, it’s just hard to project what we’ll say two years from now – let alone five to 10 years.

Josh Ball never seems to be mentioned when discussing future attacking tackles. I know he’s been injured this year, but has there been an assessment of his talent to determine if he fits into future plans? – CHARLES HARRISON / LAKEWAY, UT

Rob: It’s just hard to know. He was injured the third week of training camp. This means that so far he’s only been in the pads a few times as a pro. When the Cowboys drafted him, they believed he had the physical traits to play on either side. Obviously it looks like some sort of red shirt year because of the injury, but he will have a chance to compete for a spot next year. Don’t think that stops the Cowboys from possibly seeing the tackle again in the draft, though.

David: Josh Ball seems to take a red shirt year, which is probably a good thing. He looked like a guy who needed time to adjust to the curve of the NFL game. My philosophy is always this: I’m never going to write off a guy. But when it comes to making major moves to tackle a position, I’m not going to rely on a fourth-round pick as my primary course of action. If Josh Ball becomes a solid player, they can find some use in him, and that will be another great job from the personnel department. But you’re not going to pass up a chance to write the next Tyron Smith because of it.

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