The subsidy program aims to relieve companies facing the impacts of road construction

New Salt Lake City Grants Program May Provide Limited Relief for Business Owners negative impacts of road construction.

The construction mitigation program is overseen by the Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development. The department’s business development director, Roberta Reichgelt, said this is a new program and if successful it could expand in the future.

Business owners who received the grant said they were grateful, but the $ 2,000 maximum is not enough to cover all the losses.

“I had a bigger impact than $ 2,000, I’ll say it,” said Brady Stephens, owner of Crankshaft Grinders on 300 West. “I’m not the type to ask for something for nothing. I know the construction needs to be done. , so it’s better than nothing, but I lost more than what I got from them.

Stephens said his business has been affected by the ongoing 300 West reconstruction project. Patrick Stephens, owner of Blue Copper Coffee Room, has been affected by a separate project on 900 South. He also received $ 2,000.

“I won’t say it’s an offensive amount, but given that we’re probably going to lose well over $ 100,000 during this build – if not double – it’s not a lot,” he said. declared.

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Reichgelt said she understands how frustrated some business owners can be, but the city is doing what it can with the limited funds of a new program.

“This is only part of what we do in our efforts to keep businesses alive,” she said. “We recognize that the funding is limited because we have a lot of businesses affected, so we want to make sure that we are able to distribute the funds to all the small local businesses that are in these big four areas.”

The four construction zones currently part of the program are:

  • 100 south between university and 900 east
  • 300 West between 900 South and 2100 South
  • 900 East between Hollywood and 2700 South
  • 900 South between 300 West and Main

Each project is a city project. Reichgelt said business owners who may be affected by private construction projects are not eligible. The guidelines for the grant program can be found online here.