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The settlement is a building permit; in other words, the settlement permit shows that the structure is constructed in accordance with all kinds of rules. Structures that do not have a settlement certificate are not made according to the necessary steps and these structures are deemed legally defective.

In order to obtain a resettlement certificate, an application must be made to the municipality where the structure is registered. After the application is made, the settlement permit is issued by the Building Use Permit units of the Zoning Directorate and the applications are evaluated and finalized within 30 days at the latest. If 30 days have elapsed after the application for a settlement permit, the whole or the finished part of the building is deemed to be permitted.

Most of the real estates in our country do not have a residence permit. This is due in particular to non-compliance with legal procedures. Failure to deposit fees or pay insurance premiums related to the structure will result in the lack of legal residence permits. Structures without a settlement permit are deemed defective as mentioned above and have negative effects on memberships such as bank credits, electricity, water, and natural gas.

What are the conditions for obtaining a settlement certificate?

What are the conditions for obtaining a settlement certificate?

In order to obtain a resettlement certificate, the approved conditions related to the structure must first be fulfilled.

  • It is not possible to obtain a residence permit for the buildings which have not been constructed in accordance with the project or whose required parts have not been completed.
  • In addition, if the fees to be paid to the municipality related to the structure have not been deposited and insurance premiums have not been paid, a settlement license cannot be obtained again.

In order to obtain a settlement certificate, first of all, the application must be made to the municipality with a petition for the completed structure. After obtaining the approval of the project within a period of one month, the process of preparing the technical reports begins. In order to prepare these reports, an application is made to the electricity, water, telecommunication and civil defense directorates of the relevant region and required documents are requested. Upon the submission of the technical reports to the municipality, the final examination phase is initiated and upon the positive conclusion, a settlement certificate is issued. The necessary fees, real estate tax, and participation fee should be paid while obtaining the settlement certificate.

The Relationship Between Housing Certificate And Housing Loan

Housing Loan

Settlement certificate is a document that consumers should pay attention to when buying real estate. It is not possible to use credit for the apartments to be taken from the buildings without a settlement certificate. Consumers are required to find out if there is a housing certificate before buying a house. For this, it is possible to use the title deed information or get help from a counselor.

Remember, a building without a resident certificate means that it is not legally completed and according to the Reconstruction Law No. 3194, it is compulsory to complete construction within 5 years and obtain a resident certificate.